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Mark L. Latash - Neurophysiological Basis of Movement

Mark L. Latash - Neurophysiological Basis of Movement
| ISBN: 0880117567 | 1998-01-15 | PDF | 269 pages | 26.70 Mb

“This is a valuable resource for students and entry-level professionals in fields related to motor control. The author has diligently and successfully critiqued his previous edition to produce a book that can help students learn and teachers facilitate in a critical thinking environment.” -Doody's Book Review Service
--This text refers to an alternate Hardcover edition.
Product Description
Neurophysiological Basis of Movement is the only contemporary comprehensive textbook on the neurophysiology of voluntary movement. The book also covers relevant information from the study of biomechanics, anatomy, control theory, and motor disorders. It emphasizes neurophysiological mechanisms that apply to the processes of voluntary movements. The text covers a semester's worth of material about the neurophysiological aspects of five major areas: cells, reflexes, structures, behaviors, and disorders. Additional topics include basic functional anatomy, physical and chemical foundations of brain functioning in relation to control of voluntary movements, muscle reflexes and spinal connections, basic mechanics of muscle contraction, and the basis of kinesthesia. The book applies these topics to specific tasks such as standing, locomotion, eye movement control, and reaching. The reader-friendly text also features 156 one-minute drills to challenge students' knowledge of the material; 262 illustrations to help students understand the neurophysiological mechanisms necessary for voluntary movements such as standing, locomotion, and reaching; and 6 lab studies that provide hands-on experience. Several motor disorders are discussed, including spinal cord injury and Parkinson's disease, as well as issues of motor rehabilitation. Readers also will appreciate the references that accompany each of five "Worlds" and a glossary for the entire text.


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Evidence Based Management of LBP

Evidence-Based Management of Low Back Pain by Simon Dagenais
M o s b y | English | 2011 | ISBN: 0323072933 | 496 pages | PDF | 56,5 MB

"The authors went to great lengths to take a close-up look at a wide array of treatment options and they realized a nearly impossible task of streamlining the bulk of currently available evidence on chronic low back pain. For each treatment, five different sections were created to allow clinicians, patients, third-party payers and other stakeholders to make informed decisions; namely: description, theory, efficacy, safety and costs. This intelligent design was implemented identically for each treatment."


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Physical Rehabilitation of Paralysed Facial Muscles: Functional and Morphological Correlates

# Paperback: 155 pages
# Publisher: Springer; 1st Edition. edition (March 1, 2011)
# Language: English
# ISBN-10: 3642181198
# ISBN-13: 978-3642181191

Product Description:

Using a combined morpho-functional approach the author recently found that polyinnervation of the neuro-muscular juction (NMJ) is the critical factor for recovery of function after transection and suture of the facial nerve. Since polyinnervation is activity-dependent and can be manipulated, he tried to design a clinically feasible therapy by electrical stimulation or by soft tissue massage. First, electrical stimulation was applied to the transected facial nerve or to paralysed facial muscles. Both procedures did not improve vibrissal motor performance (video-based motion analysis of whisking), failed to diminish polyinnervation and even reduced the number of innervated NMJ to one fifth of normal values. In contrast, gentle stroking of the paralysed vibrissal muscles by hand resulted in full recovery of whisking. Manual stimulation was also effective after hypoglossal-facial anastomosis and after interpositional nerve grafting. The author concludes that manual stimulation is a non-invasive procedure with immediate potential for clinical rehabilitation following facial nerve reconstruction.

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Exercise and Cancer Survivorship: Impact on Health Outcomes and Quality of Life

Después de unas merecidas vacaciones volvemos el 2011 recargados. Esperamos subir un aporte todas las semanas.

Saludos y que sea de utilidad!


ISBN: 1441911723 | 2010-01-06 | PDF | 238 pages | 1.95 Mb
An increasing number of exercise scientists are applying their skills collaboratively (with medics and physiotherapists) to clinical populations and investigating the effects of exercise in relation to wide-ranging clinical, pathophysiological and psycho-social outcomes. The book is aimed at final year Undergraduate and Master's level students of Exercise Science, who are interested in working with clinical populations such as cancer patients.

Many university Sport and Exercise Science courses in the UK and USA now have modules which are focused on exercise for health, and cover aspects of exercise science which are appropriate for clinical populations. The book would also be a very valuable resource for Undergraduate and Postgraduate Physiotherapy courses and a very useful resource for students of Exercise Science and Physiotherapy, as well as practitioners working with cancer patients.There are an increasing amount of research opportunities for exercise scientists who are interested in working with clinical populations. Furthermore, a considerable amount of Government and Charity research funding is being targeted at active lifestyles and this is helping to generate a new culture of collaboration between exercise scientists and medics. Hence, it is highly likely that an increasing number of students from Sport and Exercise Science courses will pursue careers within the clinical realm in the future. Practicing exercise therapists, clinical exercise physiologists and physiotherapists would also find lots of useful up-to-date knowledge to support their evidence-based clinical practice. This book would also be of interest to informed readers who are themselves undergoing or recovering from cancer treatment

Bajar Aquí

Bajar Aquí

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Orthopedic Physical Assessment Enhanced Edition

Providing additional value, the Enhanced Edition of Orthopedic Physical Assessment has been updated with a full color design for easier navigation and is packaged with an observational gait analysis tool on CD-ROM. This classic offers a straightforward, systematic approach to performing a neuromusculoskeletal assessment and explains the rationale behind various aspects of the assessment. Every joint of the body is covered, and separate chapters cover such specific topics as the principles of assessment, head and face, gait, posture, emergency care, and preparticipation evaluation. Complete and comprehensive in its approach, this outstanding reference covers basic science, clinical applications, and special tests. It also offers unparalleled coverage of the extremities, clear explanations of positions and movements, and extensive use of tables and illustrations including many radiographs to highlight key points. * Generous use of photographs and line drawings bring concepts to life. * Special tests have been highlighted for ease of reference. * Case studies add a real life perspective on assessment.

Bajar Libro:
Part I - http://rapidshare.com/files/255025518/OPA.part1.rar
Part II - http://rapidshare.com/files/255025523/OPA.part2.rar
Part III - http://rapidshare.com/files/255039258/OPA.part3.rar
Part IV - http://rapidshare.com/files/255039262/OPA.part4.rar
Part V - http://rapidshare.com/files/255049241/OPA.part5.rar
Part VI - http://rapidshare.com/files/255049242/OPA.part6.rar

Bajar CD:
Part I - http://rapidshare.com/files/254947823/Observational_Gait_Analysis.part1.rar
Part II - http://rapidshare.com/files/254947825/Observational_Gait_Analysis.part2.rar

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Whiplash, Headache & Neck Pain: Research Based Directions for Physical Therapies

Los mayores exponentes mundiales de la kinesiología traumatológica en columna cervical se han juntado para producir un libro de caracteristicas espectaculares. Sin más preambulos les dejo este manjar para que lo disfruten. (comenten!!)

Gwendolen Jull, Michele Sterling, Deborah Falla, Julia Treleaven, Shaun O'Leary
Whiplash, Headache & Neck Pain: Research Based Directions for Physical Therapies
Churchill Livingstone | ISBN: 0443100470 | 2008-03-25 | PDF | 280 pages | 6.30 Mb

A textbook and practical clinical handbook for all students and practitioners concerned with the evaluation, diagnosis, assessment and management of neck pain and cervical headache particularly in relation to whiplash. It is likely to become essential study for final year physiotherapy and chiropractic students, for all manipulative physiotherapy MSc students and a widely used clinical ref text for all involved in the assessment and management of whiplash and related neck and head pain.

- This book presents the applied sciences, clinical assessment methods and rehabilitation protocols for the management of persons with neck pain.
- The material presented in this book represents the translation of research into clinical practice and provides a systematic approach to assessment and an evidence base for conservative clinical management strategies for neck pain.
- Unique topics in this book include:
- Provides an understanding of the pathophysiological processes in the sensory, motor and sensorimotor systems and how they present in patients with neck pain disorders.
- Presents multimodal approaches to management of neck pain guided by the evidence of presenting dysfunctions
- Presents a comprehensive description of a therapeutic exercise approach based on motor control which has proven efficacy.


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